Wilderness Rider Buffalo Ranch & Adventure Park Camping

The Wilderness Rider Buffalo Ranch & Adventure Park offers unique camping opportunities.

Camping is primitive.

$15 per person per night

$50 per family per night (2 adults with up to 4 kids)

Many of our sites are accessible by RVs.  You will find campsites with a beautiful views that are spread out. The sites are all primitive, but you are allowed to bring your generator.  NO HOOKUPS. NO DUMPING.

Pitch your tent next to one of the properties many waterfalls, flowing creeks, forested lookouts, stunning cliff sides or sunny pastures. Whatever your pleasure you will enjoy privacy in the wilderness that no other camping area has ever offered you.

Our campground features stunning sites located at the top of the mountain in the Wilderness Rider Buffalo Ranch and Adventure Park.


There are sites for both RVs and Tents. Many sites are very easy to reach in most any vehicle. For those looking for a more adventurous camping experience there are unique sites spread throughout our adventure trail system that require a trail capable vehicle.

Our campground is located at the top of the mountain with beautiful and unique sites spread throughout our adventure trail system.

Camping fees include access to the trails for hiking. If you have a motorized trail vehicle you will have additional trail fees when you arrive.

Some remote sites will require a trail fee to access with any vehicle.
Some are very unique and require a 4×4 vehicle with off road tires for year round access.
In addition to these special sites we have ample sites that are accessible in most cars.

You can click on individual sites to see the dates that site is available. Or…you can scroll down to the calendar to see all the sites that are available on the dates you are wanting to come.

Here are the individual sites that you can click to book. Scroll down to see a calendar that shows you what sites are available on specific dates.

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