Wilderness Rider Buffalo Ranch & Adventure Park Camping

The Wilderness Rider Buffalo Ranch & Adventure Park offers unique camping opportunities.

We now have 2 campgrounds!

The first is our stunning sites situated at the top of the mountain in the Wilderness Rider Buffalo Ranch & Adventure Park. We have also just opened up the Wilderness Rider Boxley Valley Campground featuring babbling creeks beneath the red cliffs of Boxley.

Our original campground is located at the top of the mountain with beautiful and unique sites spread throughout our adventure trail system.

The Boxley Valley Campground will have off road trails that connect it to the upper system soon. At this time it requires a short commute upstairs if you are planning to ride the trails.


We have campsites available for RVs and Tents on Memorial Day Weekend.

Some of the specialty sites are currently booked, however the entire property is stunning and there is still room for more.

If you are coming only to camp(RVs and Tents) and hike (not bringing any motorized off road vehicles) we have new sites available in the NEW Wilderness Rider Boxley Valley Campground.

Many of our sites are accessible by RVs. You will find campsites with a beautiful views. The sites are all primitive, but you are allowed to bring your generator.

Pitch your tent next to one of the properties many waterfalls, flowing creeks, forested lookouts, stunning cliff sides or sunny pastures. Whatever your pleasure you will enjoy privacy in the wilderness that no other camping area has ever offered you.

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Some are very unique and require a 4×4 vehicle with off road tires for year round access.
In addition to these special sites we have ample sites that are accessible in most cars.


Wilderness Rider Buffalo Ranch Campsite Map

hammock tree raging hole in the rock

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