What are your hours?

DAY RIDING: We open the gates for day riding at 8AM. Day riders can stay on the trails until 9PM.

CAMPERS: Campsite check in at 1PM and checkout at 11AM. You are welcome to come early to explore the ranch. Check with us to see if your campsite is booked for the day before or after your stay. If it is not booked your gear and vehicles can remain in the site. If the site is booked simply move your gear to the general parking area and you are welcome to continue to ride during normal hours both before and after your camping stay assuming you have paid trail fees.

What does it cost to ride?

Day Fees: ATVs, Side x Sides, Jeeps and other vehicles with 4 wheels are $30 per day for the machine and the driver. If you have a passenger on the same vehicle it is $10 per day for each passenger. Two people on one machine/vehicle are $40 per day. Three people on one machine/vehicle is $50 per day.

Day Fees: Dirt bikes are $20 per day

Can we bring glass containers?

Absolutely not! Please help us preserve the pristine environment of the ranch. No glass allowed and you must pack out anything you bring in – including trash.

Can we bring our dog/dogs?

We are extremely dog friendly – as long as they are friendly too. Please bring your social and well behaved furry family members. They may love the ranch even more than you do!

Are children allowed to ride on the ranch?

We welcome your children with proper adult supervision. Most of our trails are scenic, but some are very technical and may be too challenging for new riders. Use good judgement and proper caution and both you and your children will have an amazing time on the ranch. Everyone, including children, MUST WEAR HELMETS on Dirt Bikes and 4 Wheelers. Helmets are not required on Side X Sides.

Are helmets required?

Everyone, including children, MUST WEAR HELMETS on Dirt Bikes and 4 Wheelers. Helmets are not required on Side X Sides.

We highly recommend that riders and passengers always use appropriate safety gear and follow all factory recommendations for their vehicle with regards to the carrying of cargo loads or passengers. We recommend helmets for everyone. Helmets are required for dirt bike riders of all ages. Helmets are required for everyone on 4 wheelers (ATVs).

Do you have restroom facilities?

We do have a double dry toilet (an outhouse).

Are there showers available?

Water is scarce on the mountain top, so we do not have showers available. We are a primitive facility. If you are bringing your RV be sure to fill up prior to your arrival at the park.

Is there a map available?

Certainly, we have maps available when you check in. They are color coded to match the trails with special features listed. The trails are marked for difficulty, but this is a true wilderness park and you need to use good judgement.

Do you have an on-line map?

Yes, be sure to download Maprika GPS Ski Map from your app store. You will find us under all maps or source maps. Once you download our map it will work with the GPS on your phone even when you don’t have cell signal.

DIRT BIKES – Single Track GPX files are located HERE for downloading.

Is there an onsite convenience/Snack store?  

Yes, We have convenience items, drinks, apparel and snacks! There is a also a nice convenience store in Kingston just 10 miles away. You can get there on dirt or pavement. We frequently turn a trip to the market into an off-road/dual sport adventure.

Do you take credit cards?

We do take Master Card, Visa and American Express.

Should we make reservations if we are planning to camp?

If you have a special campsite in mind you most certainly should make a reservation. We typically have a couple open sites most weekends, so if you are coming at the last minute we will find a place for you in an open area.

Can we bring our RV?

Yes, we have beautiful sites for RVs – no parking lot camping here! You deserve a great view!

Do you have hook ups?

Coming soon…in the meantime bring your generator and fill your water tank before you get to the ranch. Bring everything you need and take everything you bring with you when you leave, including your trash! NO DUMPING.

Can we bring generators?


Do we need to have an off-road capable vehicle?

You can hike or camp at the ranch and leave your vehicle in the parking area or at one of the designated trail heads. However, YOU MUST HAVE A TRAIL CAPABLE  OFF ROAD VEHICLE on the trails. A Trail Ready Vehicle should include oversized offroad tires, additional ground clearance, full 4 wheel drive capabilities with a high/low transfer case. Differential locks may be helpful.

Can we get stuck on the trails?

YES! It only takes a little bad judgement coupled with a little misfortune will have you stuck in a heartbeat. Use proper caution when attempting the trails. You will be responsible for any towing or fees for rescue.

Can we ride our horse at your ranch?

Yes. The trails are great and during some portions of the year and with notice we have a corral you can keep them in if you stay to camp.

Do you rent side x sides, dirt bikes or ATVs?

Yes, we have 2019 Yamaha Viking 6 seat Side by Sides available on both a 3.5 hour and 7 hour rental.

Can I have my wedding and reception at the ranch?

Yes, we have hosted both weddings and receptions. There are many options from DIY to fully orchestrated. Donny and Lynn have extensive event planning experience and can help you have a spectacular event.

Can we pet the buffalo?

NO – attempting to approach a buffalo is VERY DANGEROUS! Do not leave your vehicle when in the buffalo pastures. While the buffalo MAY SOMEWHAT TOLERATE Vehicles they are NOT AT ALL TOLERANT of people on foot in their domain.

Do I need to ride near the buffalo/can I avoid going near the buffalo?

While some of our trails do cross the buffalo pastures the majority of our trails are outside of the buffalo’s fenced in areas.

How many waterfalls are on the property?

We tend to lose count…there are around 2 dozen in total!  About half of the waterfalls can be accessed on the motorized trail system. The others will require some hiking.

Are the waterfalls hard to get to/long hike?

If you are driving a trail capable vehicle you will be able to drive right up to many of the features.  If you are coming to the ranch without trail ready motorized transportation the walks from the trail head parking areas to several of the waterfalls and overlooks are still relatively short.

Is 4 wheeled drive necessary for your trails?

YES, you need a fully trail capable vehicle to navigate the trail system.

What if I get stuck on the trail?

Every situation is different when someone breaks down or gets stuck on the trails. You should bring as much self rescue equipment as you and your group are able to. Should additional outside services be required we will attempt to assist you in arranging these.  USE GOOD JUDGEMENT, getting stuck deep in the wilderness can become an expensive endeavor.

Are your trails muddy?

While we are definitely not a “mud park”  per se, depending on the wetness of the season our trails can vary from fairly muddy to hardly muddy. You will find our trails to be quite scenic with varying levels of difficulty.

Do you offer guided tours?

By appointment. Just check out options on our website WildernessRider.com. You can make your reservation online.

Is there cell phone service at the ranch?

Yes. We have a booster at the ranch house check in. Service is spotty depending on your provider. Verizon seems to do fairly well on the hill tops. Sprint service is barely usable even with the booster.